Our Supporters

HMS Heroes say thank you……..everyone.


RBL logoThe Royal British Legion (Devon)

The Royal British Legion (Devon) have, and continue to support Heroes.

They have provided Heroes with a number of laminated maps of the world and magnetic white boards to share, that have formed the base of several of the groups. These have enabled Heroes to post articles and show where their serving family members are stationed.

We are part of the RBL(Devon) and turn out in support of them on every occasion we can.

We also represent the RBL (Devon) on occasions they don’t usually attend.

A big thank you to our core supporter.



Serco logoSERCO

SERCO were one of our first supporters and were instrumental in funding our Plymouth standard.

Following the dedication, in HMS Drake, further funding was given to further the cause.

We would like to thank Serco for their support in our early days.



Bodmin RNA

Heroes would like to thank Bodmin RNA for their contribution to HMS Heroes.

Without contributions like this we would struggle to support our Heroes nationally.



ADE logoADE Electrical

ADE are a local business in Plymouth and have donated to HMS Heroes so we can continue to support our service children in the future, thank you ADE.



MaryCouncilor Mary Aspinall

Mary has provided support for our group both financially and morally;

she has been a stalwart in promoting Heroes.




Babcock logoBabcock

Thanks to Babcock for their support for Heroes.

A donation has been received to support one of our delegates meetings. We also thank Babcock for allowing some staff to support Heroes in working time, which we appreciate, as it is a significant contribution to our group.

We would also like to thank Babcock for their sponsorship of Armed Forces Day 2012 celebrations in Plymouth.



DSRCDevonport Services Rugby Football Club

DSRC are thanked for providing a superb venue, free of charge, for HMS Heroes delegates meetings.

The venue is a Heroes favourite, and we hope to use it for years to come, thanks to you all.



FGWFirst Great Western

Thanks to First Great Western for offering free rail tickets to our Helston Heroes to attend the national standard dedication.

Heroes would like to thank Devon Community Foundation for their grant.

This has enabled Heroes to carry out leadership courses for our senior Heroes to help run their individual groups. The feedback was teriffic and our groups have already started putting their new skills into practice. (Please look at the news article)

There is another course later this year and funds have been made available for the purchase of training aid resourses which have been ordered.

Ossie Glover Photography.

Ossie pic

We would like to send our thanks to Ossie for his support as he takes such great pictures and allows us to use them on our site………Thanks Ossie.

Ossie is now our HMS Heroes official Photographer.


Pauline Murphy…….Deputy Lord Mayor 2014

Pauline is a stalwart in the support she shows for the group……………Thank you.



Heroes would like to say thank you to all our supporters, not mentioned here

…you know who you are!