Community Covenant


Published on September 17th, 2013 | by Simon Wainwright

The Plymouth Armed Forces Community Covenant is the first Covenant of its type to include children and young people as members. The Covenant was signed on Armed Forces Day 2012 and included signing by HMS Heroes who subsequently met HRH the Earl of Wessex as advocates for the Covenant and young people.

Members of our Ambassadors group sit on the Covenant steering group and participate, actively, in debate and decision making. Does your Community Covenant have your Heroes as members? Perhaps they should. Let us know so we can publicise your work on behalf of Hero members.

The Plymouth covenant lists seven main priorities for partners, which will form the basis of all future action plans. These are:

Children, young people and their families

Improving outcomes for the children of service families and tackling child poverty issues linked to this group.

Health and wellbeing

Developing services focused on the health and wellbeing of service personnel, veterans and their families, including mental health support.


Ensuring there is clear guidance from the Council and the armed forces on what housing services and provision are available to service community.

Working in partnership

Creating opportunities for the armed forces to work closely with the Council and other community covenant partners.

Support for veterans and their families

Considering and supporting the needs of service personnel during and after their transition to becoming a veteran.

Employability and education

Helping ex-service personnel and their families to identify education opportunities and maximise their employability.


Evaluating the impact and reach of the community covenant, through regular meetings and reviews.