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About Our School

Alexander First School is situated on the west side of Windsor looking out on rural surroundings.  The school was built in 1972 and was originally open plan in design. Since then classrooms have been enclosed. The school is classified as small with one hundred and eighteen pupils at present.

The school serves the local community and the Ministry of Defence Army housing estate for Windsor. The school is situated within the estate.


The school has a Foundation Stage for three to five year olds, KS1 classes 1&2 and  KS2 classes 3 &4.  As a First School our Year 4 children move on to middle school for their 5th year and where they continue until year 8. 

We have 5 classes in the school and a Nurture room . We have 7 teachers three of whom teach part-time.

Each teacher is supported by at least one TA. We also have 2 HLTAs. One supports the SENCo in

co-ordinating intervention programmes with SEN children and the other promotes SEAL and PSHE throughout the school with children and their parents.


Our class sizes are usually up to 24 pupils, but we have been asked to increase our number in some classes up to 30 over the last 3 years to accommodate the increasing pupil numbers in Windsor and Maidenhead.

Due to the mobility of service families our school population fluctuates slightly from year to year.


We pride ourselves on being a welcoming school and help pupils settle quickly into school life when they join us.

All staff are dedicated to ensuring pupils make progress in their learning whatever their starting point and have high expectations of them.

We have a nurturing approach to learning across the school, so that all children feel valued and are supported to develop their self esteem and confidence.

Teachers provide stimulating lessons that encourage children’s motivation to learn, developing their thinking skills and problem solving skills. Children work collaboratively and independently on their learning tasks developing a joy of learning and a desire to succeed.


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