All Saints Academy Plymouth


All Saints Church of England Academy, Plymouth aims to be an inspirational community of learning which will transform the life chances of the students and make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the local community and the wider world. The Academy aims to provide outstanding educational opportunities and experiences which will enable all students, regardless of ability and background, to bring out the best in themselves and to make a difference for good in the world.

We aim to promote:

  • An academy rooted in Christian values including truth, justice, forgiveness, generosity and respect
  • Strong partnerships with our students, parents, the local community, sponsors and local businesses to ensure our students progress is a priority
  • A calm, safe, happy and purposeful academy where all can learn and make progress
  • A curriculum that meets individual student needs and aspirations
  • High expectations every day and in every lesson
  • Students with the independence to learn beyond the academy and to enjoy lifelong learning
  • Our aim is to ensure that all of our young people leave us with the essential financial knowledge and skills that they will need for their future lives.

Our Priorities are:

  • To maximise student results particularly in English and mathematics.
  • To accelerate progress of students in all subjects so that every student is challenged to achieve at least 3 levels of progress from year 7 to 11and to increase the proportion of students achieving 4 and 5 levels of progress.
  • To further develop the Christian distinctiveness of the Academy
  • To continue to raise the standards of literacy through high impact intervention in years 7 and 8 in particular and promoting literacy in every lesson
  • To continuously raise the quality of teaching and learning from predominately¬† good to consistently outstanding
  • To use data effectively to inform planning of differentiated tasks for the next phase of learning so that students maximise progress
  • To ensure that all significant subgroups are monitored and challenged to achieve at least as well as other students
  • To embed the academic and pastoral mentoring of students
  • To increase our market share in the recruitment of students into year 7
  • To complete the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) training and embed the practice

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