Goosewell Primary

  Heroes Message

We are the HMS Heroes in Goosewell Primary Academy School, we are pupils from service families and we represent all the children who have a family member in the armed forces. We support each other and work as part of a bigger team of Plymouth schools who represent all service children in the Plymouth area. We will take your ideas to the monthly meetings and we look at ways to support each other in school.


Remembrance Celebrations.

What a busy week we’ve had this week to honour and remember our Armed Forces during Remembrance week. On Monday 11th November Mr Gentile and Mrs Penk took a choir, our MKC representative, Head boy and Girl up to Burrow Hill for the Service of Remembrance. It was a wet and blustery occasion but the children showed great resilience and respect during the service, a special mention to the choir who sang beautifully on this most important occasion. Many people complemented them on the excellent singing and song choice, we were very proud of the all  the children who took part. They were a real credit to the school and their families.


Also this week we invited our armed forces and veterans to share a special Remembrance lunch with their children , it was great to see so many of our armed forces and veteran parents join us for lunch. It was a great opportunity for the children to see and celebrate the service our armed forces that are part of our local and school community.






The Great Poppy Bake off.

Good luck to our entry’s this year for the bake of challenge, your cakes looked amazing and smelt delicious.



Fingers crossed we have a winner.

Poppy art.

A huge well done to Goosewell’s ‘Keeping in Touch Club’ who have been working extremely hard making poppies for the Council House Remembrance display.They have used many mediums and have worked collectively as a team, with amazing results. Remember that all pupils will have the opportunity to  bring in poppies they have made over the half term to be part of this Remembrance celebration.

So get crafting.



Robot Wars at the Apple Shop.

Jason and Lewis D joined other MKC pupils at the Apple shop to learn some new skills in coding, they had the opportunity to programme an i-sphere robot to go around a maze. This session involved learning new skills, good team work and co-operation between pupils. It wasn’t easy and the groups had to have good communication and listening skills and showed great perseverance to complete this tricky task. There was much concentration and laughter as the i-spheres shot across the store at speed also as they jumped the ramps within the mazes. Well done to all those who took part and to Jason and Lewis for representing Goosewell  Academy.


Meeting with MP’s at Plymouth’s Council Chambers. 

On Friday 11th January Daisy, Alfie and myself went to the Council Chambers to question the local MP’s. Daisy and I went because we are both Prime Ministers of our school parliament .Alfie went because his dad is serving in the armed forces and Alfie represents the service children in our school parliament.

We sat in special seats with microphones to ask our questions, I thought it was really cool.

The day before, we prepared our questions with Mrs Penk and we were allowed to ask one of them. My question was about improving housing for service families and I was happy with the answer Jonny Merser gave us.

The question time lasted for an hour which allowed all the schools to to ask one question. We were able to leave all of our questions behind for the MP’s to answer in their own time. I was proud to be chosen to go to this very special event and felt confident all afternoon. I hope that the MP’s make changes for service families in the future.

By Owen G.


Our Meeting with the MP’S. 

On Friday 11th January three school representatives from Goosewell’s School Parliament attended a meeting with three local MP’s. This took place in The Council Chambers and was part of the Military Kids Club group. We along with lots of other local primary and secondary school had the opportunity to ask questions about support for service families as well as the environment and other current concerns for young people. We were able to leave any unanswered questions with the MP’s who will be sending us the answers to when they have looked at them. Everyone felt it had gone very well and was a successful in getting the voices of young people heard.


By Daisy S and Alfie S.




On Friday 9th November Goosewell’s choir and representatives from our service families walked to Burrow Hill to remember those service men and women who have fallen in conflict. Our children were outstanding and their behaviour was exemplary, they were a real credit to the school and their families.The choir sang a wonderful remembrance song and our service children laid a handmade poppy display which was completed by our Keeping in touch club children, who each wrote their names on the poppy as a way of saying thank you for the sacrifices made.


Well done everyone, Thank you to Ellis, Katie and Rose for laying our poppy wreath.

A fun day out for KS1

The young ambassador’s did a great job organising a fabulous fun day our younger children at The Heritage Center, there were crafts and activities which had been arranged by these amazing secondary students. It was a great afternoon which gave the younger members the opportunity to meet with other service children to talk and work together as service children. Lola and Henry had a brilliant time and were a credit to Goosewell Academy with their impeccable behaviour and manners.  Once again it great to see Rebecca one of our ex-pupils leading the way and being an inspiration to the primary pupils.


Lola and Henry’s grand day out.

HMS Heroes representatives



Our HMS Heroes have attended many events since joining , they have attended meetings with M.P’s, celebrations for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Plymouth’s Lord Mayors Parade, sung in the Pavilion’s and raised funds for the Royal British legion. This is just a taster of some of the activities this group has been involved in.

Where to find Military Kids Club  information in school.

We have two information boards that are located in the main hall, one is full of pictures and information about the H.M.S Heroes group and the events they are involved in. It also contains the most up to date minutes from the locality H.M.S Heroes meetings. The second board is a world map where families can come in to look at ‘Where in the world is your someone special’, this was supplied by the Royal British Legion.


Keeping in touch club.

When our Military Kids Club Heroes representatives spoke to other service children the main theme was the importance of maintaining a line of communication with the family member who was away. So a club was started where children can drop in, make cards, write letters, decorate cakes, chat and to meet other children who understand how difficult it can be when that someone special is away. This club takes place every Wednesday Lunchtime 1-1.25p.m in the Gosling Trust, no need to book just pop along.

kit kit2


“It’s a nice place to come and do things to send to my dad.”  “I’ve met friends who understand”

“I send the stuff I make to my Uncle Simon” “I know more people whose dad is on the same ship as mine.


We Will Remember Them


On Friday 10th November 2017, Mayar, Shaun and Reece, three Year 6 pupils from Goosewell Academy, Plymouth, travelled to Wiltshire to represent service children across the south west of England at the Field of Remembrance Ceremony in Royal Wootton Bassett Field. They laid a poppy wreath on behalf of service personnel’s children in the south west.

Before the ceremony, the children, whose parents are, or have been, serving in the armed forces, planted over 320 crosses, each with a message of remembrance and thanksgiving from school children from the Plymouth area.

Taking part in one of five national Remembrance services was a moving experience for Mayar, Shaun and Reece as they stood to listen and reflect upon the words and songs shared by faith leaders, a local school choir and Military Wives choir.

Mr Stephens, Headteacher of Goosewell Academy, was very proud of his pupils who had an early journey starting at 5.30 a.m. He is also grateful to the Royal British Legion or arranging the visit.

RWB remembrance wotton basset 1remembrance wotton basset 2remembrance wotton basset 3

Congratulations to our fantastic pupils for representing the young people of Plymouth.

 The Great Poppy Bake Off.

Congratulations to Amber Y5 for reaching the next round of the Great Poppy Bake off which will take place on Friday 20th October. All cakes will be judges at The Lord Mayors residence at Elliot Terrace and the chosen few will go on to the next round of judging in November.

poppy cake 2


Keeping in Touch Club

As our special people are away and the season’s change Keeping in Touch Club children decided to show their memories from summer fun and created an autumnal display to show changes while their loved ones are not with them.

SUMMER 17 MCK 7                           autumn 2


Well done to all the Military Kids Club members, we were nominated for most active school in the MKC group. Well done to our representatives, the armed forces badge artists, to the keeping in touch children and those of you who contribute to our group. Reggie and Evie-Mae went along with their families for the awards evening, we were up against stiff competition and were runners up this time. It was lovely to see pictures of Charlie one of our earlier representatives on the posters for Military Kids Club on display. Also to cheer on Rebecca who is an ex Goosewell pupil when she picked up her award for her outstanding work as a young ambassador.


award evening MKC 2017 awards mkc 2017

Outstanding effort from all involved, HUGE well done.

 Fun Day at the Citadel.


On the 21st of June 2017 our Y 6 representatives Reggie and Evie-Mae attended a fun day out at the Citadel on Plymouth Hoe. They took part in an orienteering challenge which took them  around the battlements looking for clues. They raced around collecting letters and with a bit of team work solved the mystery . They also took part in some marching drill being instructed by a very loud Staff Sargeant! They showed great marching skills and showed us all some very interesting foot work!


 mkc cannon june 2017MKC CITEDAL MARCH

                               KEY STAGE ONES GRAND  DAY OUT 2017.

On Tuesday 31st of January Ruby and William attended a fun day out organised by the Military Kids Club’s secondary school ambassadors at the Heritage Center. During the afternoon events they met, talked and shared conversations with fellow service children in key stage one. It was a fantastic afternoon which was enjoyed by all those who attended. It was an especially proud moment for Goosewell Academy because one of our ex-pupils Rebecca was there as an ambassador from her current secondary school, she had been heavily involved in the afternoon’s organisation. It was great for our young heroes to see hers and other ambassadors achievements  and gave them a real goal to aspire towards.

Ruby and William were a credit to the service children and the school with their exemplary behaviour and fantastic  involvement.

P1000294 P1000296 P1000310 P1000312

Well done to all the Heroes involved.

Calling all year 5 service children.

We need 2 new representatives to join Reggie and Evie-Mae as our  MKC Heroes, you will need to be a good team player, be a good communicator and be committed to represent the service children and their families at meetings. If you think you are up for the challenge please see Jo Penk and let her know. 

Remembrance 2016 Art.


Keeping in touch club have worked hard making a Remembrance display for our MKC noticeboard, they have decorated a poppy poem which will  be displayed

in the school hall. Well done ,excellent team work.

poppy in school 2SAM_2534poppy in school

Bickleigh Barracks adventure.


On the 27th of September Evie-Mae and Reggie attended an adventurous meeting at 42 Commando unit at Bickleigh Barracks, they read maps to find a well hidden marine, they were ‘put through their paces’ by a very loud PT sergeant as well as trying some very tasty rations.  They represented our Heroes very well and a good time was had by all those children who attended.

THANK YOU to 42 Commandos for hosting a great day.

HMS Heroes 361 evie and reggie bickleigh

 Thank you.

A BIG THANK YOU to Poppy and Matthew for being our representatives and we wish them good luck in the next step in their life journey.

awards matthewpoppy



To celebrate the 90th birthday of the Queen, the children from Keeping in Touch club made some birthday bunting to decorate the reception area. They also wrote and decorated a birthday wish, which has been sent to the Queen in Buckingham Palace as part of a birthday book put together by Plymouth children.

queen 90queen bunting3queen bunting4queen bunting2queen bunting5queen buntingqueen birthday wishes.

The Battle of Jutland.

Keeping in Touch Club have risen to the challenge to provide some art work to be put on display to celebrate the Battle of Jutland, This battle celebrate its 100 year anniversary and there will be a display created by Plymouth’s school children.

battle jutland2battle jutlandbattle jutland3

Well done ,all art work has now been handed in to be put on display.


 battle jutland

Well done to the Keeping In Touch Club who as a group designed and produced this fantastic picture. It was the overall winner in the Battle of Jutland art competition.


The Battle continues!

Keeping in Touch Club has continues to remember the Battle of Jutland by building its own fleet of paper boats. The club used their best folding skills to produce an array of ships. These were taken home for their maiden voyages in baths, sinks and ponds!

boats1 boats2 boats3 boats4 boats5 boats6

Lord Mayor’s Chambers.

On Friday 12th February 2016 Poppy and Reggie joined other HMS Heroes at the Lord Mayor’s Chambers, where they met Plymouth’s Lord Mayor and Gary Streeter a local M.P. All the Heroes had brought questions from their peers to ask at this meeting. Both Reggie and Poppy shared their questions about “Why are our parent away so much?”, “Why is it so difficult to communicate with parent’s on submarines?” , they also learnt about the special robes worn by the Lord Mayor and to ceremonies he attends. Gary Streeter has promised to share the concerns and questions raised at this meeting in parliament and he was very keen to hear the views and thoughts of Plymouth service children.

Gary Streeter M.P sent this email;

Thanks for this
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your fine young pupils
Best wishes
Gary Streeter

DSCF1911 DSCF1912 DSCF1914 DSCF1915



An Army Life by Kyra Y4.

Kyra has written a fantastic fictional story about life as an army family, written in they style of Jacqueline Wilson. The story begins to tell us a little about Army life and the challenges faced by the family at home when dad is away.

kyras front cover

“How life can change in a minute.”

Hi, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Clare and I am ten years old. I have a younger sister called Chloe, she is seven. We live with our Mum and Dad. Well, we did until recently. Our family is quite normal; My sister and I argue all the time, which I suppose is normal.

Dad works away a lot, but comes home at weekends but this time he hasn’t come home for a while; Mum said he was away in another country working and wouldn’t be back until the Summer.

We has a chart on which we counted the days until Dad was coming home.Chloe and I would argue, who was going to write the next date on the board; Chloe always got to do it because she was the youngest and always cried! There were eighteen days left and we were all very excited.

It was a Friday morning and we had school but Mum hadn’t woken us up.Maybe Mum’s alarm hadn’t gone off and she had overslept.Although this never happened, it was a possibility.

I ran into Mum’s room but she wasn’t there.

“Mum” I called, but there wasn’t an answer. I went into Chloe’s room, she was still asleep, so I woke her up and we both went downstairs to find Mum in the front room and two men sat at the table with her. Mum had been crying.

“Mum, what is wrong? We’re late for school.”

“Come sit down girls, I have some news for you. You don’t have to go to school today.” Mum said in a broken voice. “Yay , we don’t have to go to school.” Chloe said excitedly.

“Girls, these men are from Daddy’s work.” Mum looked up at us. I could see the sadness in her eyes, this wasn’t good news, I knew it. I held Chloe’s hand tightly; as Mum came over to us and bent down. “There has been an accident and Daddy has been hurt. There are lots of clever people working on him right now and they’re flying him back to England as I speak.”

“What’s happened Mum?” I could hardly speak. My voice was croaky and I didn’t really want to know the answer.

“A….aaaa.” Mum also couldn’t get her words out. One of the men spoke up.

“Clare.” His voice was kind and gentle.

“You seem a clever young lady and very grown up I see. Daddy was caught in an ambush.Do you know what that is?”

“Yes I play clash of the Clans,” I said with a smile, quite pleased with myself, as I knew what this man was talking about.

“Well darling. Daddy was in an ambush with the Taliban. Your father managed to get many of his young troops to safety, but unfortunately , got shot himself whilst saving his men.” I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Chloe was very quiet for a change, but I could feel her squeezing my hand more tightly.

Mum interrupted.

“Daddy is on his way home on one of the fastest aircraft to Manchester. These kind men are here to take us to him. No rush, but let us pack a suitcase, as we will be able to stay up there with him until he gets better.

Somehow she didn’t convince me that this was the whole truth, but we did what we were told. “Clare,” the voice came from Chloe.”Do you think Daddy will be O.K?” suddenly, I felt like the protector and found myself lying too.

“Sure Chloe, Dad is the strongest man I know.Nothing beats Dad.How can you ask this?”

But deep inside, I wanted to ask this too, although I didn’t want Mum to think I would ever think such an awful thought.


Well done Kyra. We think Jacqueline Wilson would be proud of this amazing story.


Wishing all our families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

kit tree3

Keeping in touch club November 2015.

To remember the sacrifice of all service personal , Keeping in touch club work together to produce a fantastic poppy wreath to be laid at Burrow Hill memorial on Remembrance day. Well done to all of those children involved in the making of the HMS Heroes wreath.

poppy wreath poppy wreath card

Remembrance service 2015.

T o remember those service personal HMS Heroes representatives and the school choir attended a Remembrance service at Plymstock’s Burrow Hill. There were servicemen and women in attendance, members of the local community as well as children from other local schools. Our school choirs song could be heard and we joined together for prayers of Remembrance. HMS Heroes representatives laid the wreath made by Keeping in touch club and it joined the many wreath laid at the memorial. We also had the honour of having a veteran from the second world war who came to pay his respects. Well done to all our children who showed great respect and conducted themselves impeccably.

remebrance9 remebrance day1 remebrance5 remebrance8

HMS Heroes news;

On Friday 4th October Charlie and Alfie  in year 6, travelled to Swindon with 2 secondary school HMS Heroes representatives to talk to some adults about being a service child.

The boys each wrote a short piece about themselves, their families and the advantages and disadvantages of coming from a service background. Both spoke with great wisdom and confidence, for many of the adults attending it was the highlight of the day. Alfie and Charlie talked with teachers and support services on a one to one basis, answering their question about deployment, school support, parental support and how it feels for service children at these difficult times.

Well done Charlie and Alfie, you were great!


Alfie and Charlie giving their           Secondary School HMS Heroes

presentations.                                    presenting the DVD they have

                                                            produced about deployment.

Remembrance Day display at Goosewell Primary School.


H.M.S Heroes and Keeping in touch club children have been working hard on a display for Remembrance Day, they have been using different craft methods to produce a stunning poppy display. This can be found in the main hall near the H.M.S Heroes display board, the children have surrounded an extract from ‘For the Fallen’ by Laurence Binyon with beautiful hand made poppies.


H.M.S Heroes and Keeping in touch club pupils work.

Goosewell School Remembers.

On Monday 11th November, Goosewell School’s H.M.S Heroes representatives, Year 6 House Captains and the Key Stage 2 choir attended a Remembrance service at Burrow Hill.

There they were joined by The Lord Mayor, local Plymouth City Councillors, members of the Armed Forces, The Royal British Legion, pupils from Dunstone and Plymstock Schools, members of the local community and Mums and Dads for the service.

The choir sang ‘Remember’ , after the two minutes silence, poppy crosses were laid by H.M.S Heroes representatives and House Captains at the War memorial.

All the children who represented our school showed great respect and a sense of community spirit.

It was great to see so many members of the Plymstock community coming together to remember the great sacrifices made by our armed forces past and present.


                                                                     Fred, Alfie, Charlie and Sophie                     Goosewell pupils joining with

                                                                   with a Goosewell parent in uniform.       members of Plymstock’s local community

                                                                                                                                                                  to remember.


HMS Heroes poppy garden design.

On Tuesday 22nd October Fred and Sophie attended a HMS Heroes meeting at the Royal Marines Sargent’s Mess at Bickleigh Barracks. They have written a short report on what they discussed and how Goosewell Schools H.M.S Heroes can help;

‘We went to an H.M.S Heroes meeting on 22nd October at the Royal Marines Sargent’s Mess at Bickleigh Barracks. We found out about the Poppy Garden competition which we willingly entered our school into. It is a national competition where we have to create a Poppy garden which we plan on putting in the school garden ( bottom right hand corner of the field).The winning school get a prize of £250.00 to spend on anything! So start to think of ideas and send them in, so we can make the best garden.’

Reported by Fred and Sophie, HMS Heroes representatives.

Nottingham 2013.

On Friday 15th November, Charlie and Alfie once again represented the pupil’s voice for the H.M.S Heroes group. Charlie and Alfie shared their thoughts and feelings about life as a service child at The National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham. They spoke in front of head teachers, members of the armed forces as well as members of the Local Council about being a service child and about the H.M.S Heroes group.

While in Nottingham, Charlie and Alfie met Annabelle and Harvi from Chetwynd School in Toton, Nottingham, who are also children from service families. They talked about what their schools were like and what support is in place during tough times. It was a great opportunity to share thoughts and ideas, the boys talked in detail about their involvement with the H.M.S Heroes group and the impact it has had for Plymouth’s service children.

group photo nottinghamSAM_1673

                                                                    Our new friends Annabelle                           Charlie and Alfie at The National

                                                               and Harvi from Chetwynd School.                        Watersport Centre.

What do Chetwynd School do to support its service children?

They have an Army board to share information and support.

Army Club, this is where pupils can go to talk about feelings and make craft item to send to deployed family members.

They have a world map on display where they put photos of deployed family members to show where they are. They also have a picture of a house for family members who are currently based at home.

They have a whiteboard where they can ask for adult support if they need to talk about a worry.

Its great to make new friends!

funnt faces nottingham

H.M.S Heroes on tour.

On Thursday 30th January Charlie  ,Alfie , Mrs Stephens and Jo Penk set off on the long trip to Harrogate in North Yorkshire for a Service Children in State School conference. This conference was held to share ideas and support for service children in state schools, its aims are to look at good practice and to make sure that service children reach their full potential.

SAM_1704 outside conference

Alfie and Charlie at the conference.

Charlie and Alfie represented the Plymouth H.M.S Heroes and shared their thoughts and feelings about coming from a service family with Head teachers, members of the Local Authorities, support agencies and members of the armed forces. They were also joined by other young people from North Yorkshire schools in Ripon, Richmond and Beadale who also talked about life as a service child. This highlighted to all those present the highs and lows of life as a service child, as well as the difficulties faced by these young people at home and school during deployments, separation and mobility.

Both boys did a fantastic job of representing Plymouth’s service children; they met with other young people to talk about what happen in their schools to support service children and families. There was also a choir from Wavell Junior School who sand two fantastic songs they had composed about life in the armed forces; they were very meaningful and the words very moving.

SAM_1705 standard

Charlie and Alfie with North Yorkshire service children and the North Yorkshire standard.

Congratulations Charlie and Alfie.

After all the hard work done by Charlie and Alfie at the North Yorkshire SCISS meeting ,we were very proud to receive a letter from the conference organisers commenting on the impact that Charlie, Alfie and the other pupils had on all the adults present. I am posting a copy of the letter we received in school so that we can share how important the voices of  service children are at these meetings.

21st February, 2014

Dear Charlie and Alfie,   On behalf of SCISS and North Yorkshire County Council’s Quality and Improvement Service, I’d like to say a big thank you for the contribution you made to the recent Supporting the Service Child – Moving Forward Together conference. The evaluation forms from the day are extremely positive, especially the section relating to HMS Heroes which I’ve included below for your interest. Well done – you were a credit to your school.   Will you please also thank Mr. Stephens and Mrs. Penk for making the long journey up here with you, and tell Mr. Stephens that I look forward to a trip to Plymouth one day to see his amazing school.   Best wishes, Matt Blyton Education Adviser    Pupils’ Perspectives – Wavell choir & HMS Heroes (North Yorks & Plymouth)   Content:

Outstanding Good Satisfactory Poor





Outstanding Good Satisfactory Poor





Additional   comments:
  • Fantastic, this is a must.         I would have this as the first set of speakers; the emotive        nature of how students talk about themselves would focus everyone’s        attention on the people that matter most.
  • Really good, positive, articulate individuals.
  • Need more children’s experiences – always has a huge impact on        delegates.
  • All excellent input – very personable.
  • Again a realistic perspective which brought home the difficulties        young people deal with every day.
  • Very moving.  As an Army        child I remembered how I felt with my daddy being away.
  • Very confident presentations.
  • Excellent, very emotive.
  • Brilliant!
  • Emotional and thought-provoking.
  • This was definitely the highlight of the conference.  The choir was excellent, the second        song really hit home with what these pupils put up with daily.  This was echoed in the student’s        comments.  A very humbling and        emotional session.
  • Very emotional presentations – which is what we need every now        and again to fire us up and remind us of why we are here.
  • Very moving.
  • Brilliant.
  • Brilliant, lovely to hear students voicing their own experiences.
  • The children were amazing – very brave, lovey to hear it from        another perspective.
  • Brilliant, this is the life – and how wonderfully well it was put        forward.  It really said it all.
  • Amazing, great singing and such confident, eloquent speakers.        Very humbling.
  • Couldn’t have been better.         Felt emotional throughout.
  • Great – input of Service children always lacking at other        conferences I have attended.  A really        valuable addition.
  • Well done to all the children.
  • Excellent.
  • Excellent presentation.  It        is so important to allow these children to have a voice.
  • Always the best bit, but also the worst!
  • Very emotional presentation, as was the choir’s performance, very        powerful and emotional.
  • Moving and emotional.  Such        fabulous children.  This is who it        is all about of course.
  • Lovely to hear directly from the young people.
  • So poignant – made whole day more real.
  • Powerful.
  • The young people did very well – they should feel very proud that        they represented Service children so well.
  • All the young people were a credit to their schools, families and        themselves.  Heartfelt words.
  • All of the children were outstanding, a real credit to schools,        family and themselves.  Emotional        and honest, good child’s view.
  • Brilliant, the whole reason for the conference encapsulated in a        few short minutes.
  • Absolutely wonderful.         These are the young people who lead on change and we should be        listening to.
  • Great to hear real children’s perspectives – though a big        pressure in a vulnerable position.
  • Incredibly moving, illuminating and informative
  • Really useful to hear pupils’ own views.  Useful that the pupils were from        different circumstances (boarder, parents with different roles, etc).
  • Excellent thought provoking presentation.
  • Always the most powerful part of the day.  Truly moving and thought        provoking.  Loved the choir.  Well done.
  • Very emotional and very informative on the effects being in the        services has on the children.
  • An eye opener – powerful stuff and a reminder of key issues and        why we need to address them.
  • Very brave children – HMS Heroes seem to be used extremely well        to support children.
  • Excellent to hear from pupils, very moving
  • It was a very emotional presentation, which really brought home        some of the things from a non-Service family you consider to be normal.
  • It was wonderful to listen to the children sharing their thoughts        and feelings about being part of a Service family.
  • Children were outstanding.         Very moving and highlighted the positive and negatives of being        part of a Service family.
  • Choir excellent.  Good        crying opportunities.
  • Great interaction.         However, could have done with explaining the concept of these        Heroes.
  • Excellent. The children’s        contribution added greatly to the impact of the conference.
  • Very brave, confident and moving.         Children’s perspectives should always be incorporated in the        conferences.
  • Choir was a great treat – thank you.
  • The choir were a very pleasant addition to the conference
  • Wavell Junior choirs input was outstanding
  • Choir was super
  • Loved the choir.
  • Choir was brilliant – so were the pupils – best bit of the day!



Keeping in Touch Club News.

We have been very busy during our weekly meetings, making lovely cards and gifts to share with the special people in our lives. On Wednesday 12th March we had special visitor come to the lunchtime club.

Commander Craig Ballantyne came along to talk to the club about life on the H.M.S Talent, a submarine in the Royal Navy. Craig shared lots of interesting submarine facts with the group and brought along lots of types of uniform. The children tried on uniforms for all occasions, from jungle wear, cold weather wear, mess dress and the Captain’s jacket. The children asked many interesting questions and I think we now all know more about life on a submarine.

The group was also presented with photographs of H.M.S Talent, a set of Submariners dolphins and a friendship coin from the crew. These will be on display near the HMS Heroes board in the main Hall soon.

Thank you to Commander Ballantyne and the crew of H.M.S Talent for the presentation it will be displayed for all our pupils to see.

coin and sub dolphin

Submariner Dolphins and H.M.S Talent friendship coin as presented by Commander  C Ballantyne.

H.M.S Goosewell what a motley crew.

hms talent 3

H.M.S Heroes on tour.


On Friday 14th March our Y6 representatives Charlie and Alfie once again set off to share their thoughts and feelings about belonging to a service family. They and 2 secondary school pupils addressed head teachers, support services and members of the armed forces  at The Union Jack Club in London to highlight the issues they face.

They all did an amazing job and were complemented on how well they spoke and the impact that they had on the adults who attended.

union jack phoyto


Other HMS Heroes News.

On the 18th of March Sophie and Fred attended a H.M.S Heroes meeting in the Guildhall where they learnt all about the role Plymouth’s young people have in making their voices heard through the Plymouth Youth Forum. They learnt about the roles different members of the chambers have and were fortunate enough to meet The Lord Mayor Mrs Vivien Pengelly.


Sophie and Fred with the Lord Mayor.

Poppy Garden update.

After much discussion with pupils we finalised our design for a poppy garden to commemorate 100 year since the beginning of the First World War.

Over several weeks the children attending Keeping in Touch Club did preparation work, they designed, cut and produced decorative poppies for the garden. They also produce some ‘Keep off the garden’ posters!

poppy gdn prep 1 poppy prep kit

Keeping in Touch Club, our preparation team.


On Wednesday 2nd April with volunteer HMS Heroes, mums, dads and staff members we prepared the garden. The group used items we found in school grounds because our gardens theme is wild and free. We use logs and chippings from trees that have been cut down and place a log that has an extract from ‘The Fallen’ poem on it. We put our poppy seeds into a raised flower bed which we surrounded with wild flower seeds; this represents the freedom service personal fought for in the First World War.

poppy group

Goosewell’s gardening crew.

If you would like to see more photographs of the garden and its design there is a display in reception on the HMS Heroes board.


The Baton.

We were also fortunate to have with us The Baton which is symbol of support for the men and women in our armed forces. This can be seen in the group photograph; The Baton is the handle of a stretcher used in battle to carry the wounded and those in need. The Baton is a charity that supports service personal, for more information you can visit their website; .

H.M.S Heroes Fun day.

On Tuesday 13th May Ben and Lauren from Y2 joined other KS1 heroes on a fun day organised by the secondary school H.M.S Heroes. This event took place at The Heritage Museum in Devonport, where they enjoyed biscuit decorating, team games, arts and crafts. It was a great opportunity for younger members of H.M.S Heroes to meet each other and talk about what happens in different schools.

They had a fun time and represented Goosewell Schools KS1 H.M.S Heroes very well.

Ben and Lauren fun day


The Door of Unity Ceremony.

On Tuesday 3rd of June there was a service called “The Door of Unity Ceremony” held in St Andrew’s Minister. Sophie, Charlie and Alfie were chosen to represent the H.M.S Heroes and young people of Plymouth at this service. Sophie and Charlie laid a poppy wreath while Alfie stood alongside members of the Royal British Legion, with other standard bearers. Alfie held the H.M.S Heroes standard during the laying of the wreaths.

                                   wreath and lord mayir                                                   alf and standard

What is The Door of Unity Ceremony?

The Door of Unity Ceremony has been held for the last 84 years, it commemorates an incident that took place in Plymouth in August 1813. There was a trade disputes between Britain and the United States which escalated into war and there were many skirmishes. In one such engagement, the British brig ‘Pelican’, captured the American ‘Argus’ which was towed into Plymouth as a prize, during which the captain of the Argus (William Henry Allen) and midshipman Richard Delphy were killed. As a sign of respect they were buried by the British with full naval honour on the south side of St Andre’s Minster. In 1930, the headstone was reset and the adjoining doorway into the Prysten House was restored by the National Society of United States Daughters of 1812. The grave and the ‘Door of Unity’ is now a symbol of Anglo-American friendship.

If you are interested in learning more about this event visit St Andrew’s Minster and a volunteer will be happy to show you The Prysten House that is behind the Minster.

door of unity


Sophie, Charlie and Alfie did a great job representing the school, H.M.S Heroes and Plymouth’s young people.

wreath plus 3

POPPY Garden timeline.

After the initial preparation and planting of the poppy seeds, we have been taking photographs each month to show how our poppies and wildflowers have grown. We have recorded all the hard work , preparation and pictures into a scrapbook, which is being sent off this week to be entered into the H.M.S Heroes poppy garden competition. The children would like to share all the photographs on our school page , so everyone can see the results of their team work.

poppy garden 2 aprill 2014POPPY GARDEN JUNE 2014

April 2014                                                          May 2014

 june poppyjuly poppies

June 2014                                                                    July 2014

As you can see from the photographs the garden looked stunning and the Poppies were huge.

The motto for H.M.S Heroes is ‘TOGETHER AS ONE’ and that’s what made our Poppy garden such a success.


Mr Stephens, Mrs Penk, staff  and pupils would like to say thank you to Charlie, Alfie, Sophie and Fred for all their hard work and commitment while being our H.M.S Heroes representatives. They have attended meetings, met with politicians, Lord Mayor’s, head teachers, generals and captains but most importantly they have supported other service children in Plymouth and beyond.

Presenting Goosewell School's representatives.

 Well done all of you, we wish you much success in your new secondary schools, keep up the good work.



On Thursday 2nd October our new representatives Poppy and Matthew attended their first H.M.S Heroes meeting at the Heritage Centre, where they took part in an afternoon of team building activities. They used this opportunity  to meet other H.M.S Heroes representatives  from different Plymouth schools , to talk to them about their schools and to see how the H.M.S Heroes groups work in different schools.

poppy bridgehms heroes bridgehms heroes team workmatthew bridge

The group was split in to two teams who battled it out building spaghetti bridges  and working as a team during a marching competition.

They also met with members of the Army who had brought along their battle axe, which represented a battle  victory against French troops.

hms heroes battleaxe

Poppy and Matthew did a great job on their first meeting and have made friends and links to fellow H.M.S Heroes groups in Plymouth.

Sharing the H.M.S Heroes message.

On Wednesday 22nd October Poppy and Matthew manned a H.M.S Heroes stand at Boringdon golf and leisure centre, where they met with Head teachers, teachers , members of the local community and support services. They  shared their thoughts and feeling about the H.M.S Heroes group and what it means to come from a service family . They did a great job informing those who attended about the benefits and difficulties faces by young people coming from a service background, they highlighted the important role the group has, in supporting them within the school setting.

Before leaving Poppy a Matthews were invited to lead a tai chi session with members of Plymouths Chinese community to promote wellbeing.

matthew n poppy tia chi

FANtastic job.

Remembrance day 2014.

On November 11th 2014, we attended a wet and windy Remembrance service at Burrow Hill to remember the sacrifices made by the members of our armed forces in past and present conflicts. Our H.M.S Heroes representatives laid poppy crosses and Goosewell’s choir sang beautifully during the service. As a school we are very proud to support this event and celebrate our Armed Forces.


Well done Poppy , Matthew and members of the choir.


july poppies

Congratulations to all those who helped to prepare, dig, plant and water the poppy garden, Goosewell School’s poppy garden was selected and put forward as a national finalist. This was a fantastic achievement as this included entry’s from schools across the United Kingdom, unfortunately we did not win but a HUGE WELL DONE to everyone involved. We were presented with letters of congratulations and certificates which are on display in reception on the H.M.S Heroes board.



We are also looking forward to planting the poppy seeds we have collected next year, look out there will be poppies everywhere.

HMS Heroes visit to The Royal Citadel.

On Tuesday 12th May Poppy and Matthew joined other HMS Heroes representatives for a fun filled afternoon at The Royal Citadel on Plymouth Hoe. The Representatives were treated to a session on the firing range (laser guns only), they met a very loud drill sergeant,learnt about long range guns and how to use special military  binoculars. We invited one of our parent governors Mrs Susan Ballantyne so she could see how the sessions work and how valuable they are to our service children. Poppy and Matthew represented the school with pride, they worked as part of the team and it was great to see how the representatives share ideas, understand and support each other. It was great to see an ex-pupil Gemma who has continued within the HMS Heroes group at Plymstock secondary school, this is testament to how useful the pupils find this group and how it continues to support in the secondary school setting.

looking a weponsfiring

Some crack shots on the range.

old and new 2poppy matthew 1

Goosewell representatives, old and new.

making friendsthe big gunsi see you poppygroup

Some of the afternoons activities.

Poppy’s star turn

poppy interview2

Also during our visit a BFBS  (British Forces Broadcasting Service) film crew were there , they interviewed Poppy to get her thoughts on the HMS Heroes group. They asked her why it was good, how did it help and would she recommend it to other schools. Well done Poppy, you did a fantastic job.

A message from our parent governor.

This is an email sent by Mrs Ballantyne after our visit,

I went along (in Governor capacity) with Jo yesterday to attend the HMS Heroes meeting up at the Citadel. Just wanted to pass on some feedback to you, in the manner in which Poppy and Matthew conducted themselves over the afternoon, whilst very excitable (who wouldn’t be when holding an anti tank missile!!!) they were both so well mannered, attentive and respectful and it was great to see how they really socialised with children from other schools. I was in Matthew’s group and he was one of the few children that actually went up to the Soldiers at the end of the session to thank them. It was a really great chance to see the benefits of how we are spending some of our forces children’s premium and the level of support that is available for the children. Thanks Susan


The H.M.S Heroes at Goosewell school would like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to Heather on receiving her MBE for her work within education but more importantly for all her hard work and support for the HMS Heroes group. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication to the group , she is an inspiration to adults and children alike , she has show all the HMS Heroes that with hard work and dedication anything can be achieved.


Good luck to all our award nominees at this weeks awards ceremony at Stonehouse barracks, we have nominations for the best school webpage on the HMS Heroes website, 2 nominations for most dedicated Heroes and a nomination most supportive adult.

Goosewell Primary

HMS Heroes award evening.

Friends and family came along to the awards evening to support Poppy, Matthew and Mrs Penk at the HMS Heroes event, it was a great evening where all the great work and support offered by the group and individual school was celebrated. We had great singing from the military kids choir before the awards were given out, they sounded fantastic. We clapped and cheered as the awards were given out in the various categories both Matthew and Mrs Penk were commended for their efforts within the group. Our very own Poppy Weston was awarded winning status for the most dedicated Heroe for all her public speaking and for sharing her story with both young people and adults. We are very proud of all our nominees , what a great way to celebrate with others and to be part of this amazing project.

awards matthewpoppyawards eveing5

awards evenung3

Well done everyone.