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Welcome to Hele’s School

Welcome to our school. Hele’s is a calm place where individuals flourish because of our high expectations for learning and behaviour. All within our community understand that success stems from setting our sights high.

We are a learning community where all of us want to improve – from the youngest pupils to the most experienced member of staff. We are not afraid to try new approaches, to attempt the hardest tasks, nor are we worried about sometimes facing setbacks – every coach knows that when we say ‘We can’t do it…’ we should be adding ‘…yet!’ The recent Olympics have reminded us that to be outstanding requires constant effort, fine tuning and determination to be the best we can be. The Paralympics show us that barriers to achievement can be challenged and overcome with a positive mental attitude and inspiring teaching.

Teachers are professionals who are constantly reviewing their own performance, rebuilding lessons taught each time they are revisited with new ideas to match the learners’ needs, and to stimulate and challenge them to scale even greater heights. One pupil recently summed it up beautifully; she described the best lessons as not following lines, but being ‘squiggly’ with interest and enjoyment.

Similarly, we expect our learners to be aspirational for themselves, and to show enthusiasm for learning, and originality and creativity in their work, making every effort to ensure that others learn and thrive in an atmosphere of respect and dignity. We expect lessons to proceed without interruption because we have systematic, consistently applied approaches to behaviour management, and we expect our learners to play their part.

Visitors frequently comment on the calmness of the school. It is a safe and caring place, and we are proud of our students who show high levels of social responsibility, helping others around them, and contributing to the community and world around them. Courtesy, collaboration and co-operation are the hallmarks of our community.

Mr A. Birkett, Principal

Together as one

A Wasted Life: A poem by Victoria Lynne Pratt 13


In the darkest hours of the day

Lives the soldier boys who decay

Drunk with a load of rum


Try their best to stay alive 

Like a bee away from the hive

The smell of death around the trench

Makes them all have a frightful stench


A soldier boy young and sweet

Hungry nothing to eat

He was a happy simple soldier 

Never thinking of getting older

Until the day he saw death


He cried himself to sleep each day

Knowing he had a price to pay

Instead of facing the world in tears

 He hanged himself to end his years


Everything was quiet for a while

No reason to smile

His brother walked in on him

And begged god’s forgiveness for his sins


From that day on he tried his best

Not getting that off his chest

He fought for the life he used to crave

He thought he would want this before his grave


The war is nearly we’re winning

And soon everyone will be grinning

But not for him for he is sad

These crowds are just as bad


He won a military cross for his time

But to him this was a big crime

Why smile when people are dead

Dead as can be nothing to be said


At last no more tears to cry

His life ended with a sigh

Finally he’s with his brother

No time to live another


His military cross is buried beneath

With his brother to end his grief

“So long brother I’m glad to go

I had a brother I loved him so.”