Iceni Academy


I would like to extend a warm welcome to you from all the staff and children of Iceni Academy.

Ours is a school with its own unique context.  Due to our proximity to Colchester Garrison approximately 25% of the children attending the school have one or more parent employed within the British Armed Forces.  The school staff understands the implications this can have for the children and their families, particularly in periods of increased stress.  Our school works closely with Colchester Garrison and one of our Governors, Captain Skip Hopper is a regimental welfare officer.

We believe in making the transition to our school for military families as positive as possible. We have initiated the HMS Heroes project this year and as many of our staff are also from military families there is always a sympathetic adult who understand the unique challenges the children face.

 In recent years we are proud to report that our military children have achieved the same or better standards as their peers nationally. We achieve this through our use of pupil premium funds to provide for example extra tuition, a Learning Mentor, a free breakfast club and free fruit for every child. We also use our sports premium to offer a very wide variety of before and after school clubs and increasingly a wide range of school sports teams.

If you are moving to the area please call and arrange a guided tour around the school by some of our military children. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Karen Wallace




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