Linton-on-Ouse Primary School

Welcome to our School

Our Vision is;

To provide the highest standard of education, giving all children equal opportunity to fulfil their potential.

 Our Mission Statement;

Learning and achieving; caring together

Here at Linton-on-Ouse Primary School we recognise the importance of helping our pupils to develop their full potential and we do our utmost to make that a reality. We also recognise that this is more likely to happen when school and home work together as a partnership for the good of the children. We try to develop the whole child and work to enable them to become balanced individuals with a sense of responsibility towards others.   Our school is an integral part of the village community. We work with our neighbours and all contribute to the feeling of belonging and citizenship. All children are regarded as equals in our school and we encourage them in all their achievements. As our children leave primary education our aim is that he/she is equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence to move on to the next stage of education, and for life.

Our Aims

  • To provide a safe and stimulating environment where the children can learn through practical experiences.
  • To offer a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum that improves standards of learning and achievement.
  • To promote and encourage pupils’ self esteem, cultivating positive attitudes to school and others in the wider community.
  • To nurture the partnership between home, school and the community to further the development of each child.
  • To value everyone who is involved in our community, fostering a caring ethos, tolerance and respect for others.

 Mrs Davinia Pearson – Headteacher

At Linton on Ouse Primary school, our MKC Heroes club meets every half term.  We discuss topics that are important to us or that affect us, and share our experiences with others in the school.  It is a chance to talk to other people, support each other and have some fun. Everyone who comes to the club invites a friend. This means we can share our experiences with non-military children to help them understand how we might feel in certain situations and how they can help support us at difficult times. The club is run by Mrs Lister. After our discussions we take part in a variety of activities, enjoy a snack together and have some social time, where we get a chance to chat and play with children from different classes.


   Mrs Michelle Lister


At our MKC Heroes club we have been busy with a variety of activities. We have decorated poppies for a display in Ripon Cathedral, planted flowers by the memorial bench in our field, sold cakes on Armed Forces Day, made cards to cheer up our mums and created posters to welcome visitors and new children to  our school.  

                   1       2         

Making poppies for our Ripon Cathedral display     

                   4             3

                     Cake Sale –red, white and blue day                        Planting flowers by our Memorial bench  

        6           5

Social time – a chance to chat, relax and have fun!


Laying wreaths at the cairn Linton on Ouse on VE Day