Marine Academy Secondary School Plymouth

Principal’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to Marine Academy Plymouth and look forward to working with you and the local community to ensure that the school and students continue to make huge strides forward in the pursuit of the very best academic outcomes possible. It is my firm belief that the foundations of a school’s success are built on the very highest expectations of conduct and discipline; the children of Marine Academy will be asked to work harder than ever before, the expectations of their behaviour will be higher than that of any other school in the region, and I have no doubt that the children of the school will rise to meet those expectations.


We will be undertaking a thorough review of our curriculum to ensure that it is knowledge rich and rigorously challenging. We will expose our children to the most renowned works in literature and art; in short, they will learn about the greatest things that have ever been written, thought, spoken, designed and created. The opportunity to develop new skills will be carefully mapped across all subjects so that our students are able to apply the knowledge they have learned in all topics and lessons. The curriculum will be academically focussed but will have the breadth of study and range of subjects that ensures it meets the needs of all students. I believe that every student who joins us at Marine Academy has the ability to go on to university when they leave us in Year 13. Of course, I recognise that this may not be the right choice for all our students but having the option to do so is an indicator of a successful and high-quality education.

The happiness and well-being of our students is paramount, and I am determined to develop leadership, resilience and aspiration across the student-body. These three characteristics will be the cornerstone of our school and will be at the heart of everything we do. It is not enough that our students simply have excellent qualifications and self-discipline. They need to have the confidence and clarity of leaders, the determination and will to succeed, as well as the kindness, empathy and sense of purpose that allows us to achieve great things whilst being happy and humble as we do so.

As well as our continuing partnership with the Ted Wragg Trust we endeavour to create strong links with the highest performing schools, trusts and educationalists across the world. We will be at the forefront of modern educational research and thinking. I have no doubt that Marine Academy Plymouth will soon be recognised as a beacon of national excellence and the number one destination for the parents and children of Plymouth. I am very much looking forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months,

Yours sincerely,

Leigh Withers

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