Matravers School


Matravers School.

I am honoured and proud to lead Matravers School.

Matravers offers an incredibly lively and positive ethos alongside an outstanding range of opportunities from which your son or daughter can benefit. Our cutting-edge learning environment, where everyone works together to ensure students achieve their full potential in their academic and personal development, is superb. Students at Matravers enjoy the ability to think creatively, critically and innovatively and possess a strong sense of responsibility, loyalty and moral purpose for the school and the wider community.

I believe that teaching needs to inspire learners and engage them through its vibrancy and energy. The passion with which teachers deliver their lessons at Matravers draws students into a culture of success and achievement. There is no place for mediocrity in our high-performing learning environment. Second best is not good enough at Matravers; excuses are not accepted!

Through our strong, close partnerships between students, their families and school staff we ensure that every Matravers student has the opportunity to let their light shine in whichever arena they excel; we will provide the right conditions to ensure that this happens.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our outstanding learning environment.

Dr Simon Riding


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