Mount Pleasant

MKC Heroes welcome our first international members, what a great occasion.

News and articles will be posted soon on what they have been up to.

A day after joining the children were recording on BFBS about planting poppy crosses and joining MKC Heroes.

Here are some words from the head and pictures of the poppy planting.

We would love to join HMS Heroes.  Since I was contacted by Hazel Thomson a few weeks ago I have been finding out all about it. I think it would be wonderful for our children to know that there is such a thing for them and the links with other schools have already proved to be very worthwhile.

We have had an incredible few days laying the remebrance crosses sent by the children from various schools in the UK. They have been set at various locations. We took the KS2 children to Fitzroy yesterday to lay crosses at the memorials for Sir Gallahad and Sir Tristram. It was a very poignant and moving event, both in terms of the remembrance and the link between the children from service families here and in the UK.

Our children are writing back to the children in the UK to show them what they did and where there crosses are. We would love to do this again next year? I will be in touch with Hazel to arrange it.


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