Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant primary school is situated within Mount Pleasant Complex. We are the most southerly Ministry of Defence school in the World. The number of children on roll tends to be in the mid forties and the children are the sons and daughters of Service, MoD and entitled families posted to Mount Pleasant Complex on continuity tours.

Mount Pleasant Complex houses the main accommodation, shops, cinema, bowling, community centre, gym and swimming pool. A number of activities are run for children including cubs and beavers and a number of sporting activities.

The Falkland Islands has a lot to offer. Stanley is the capital and is located 35 miles away from MPC, which is a 50-60 minute drive. It is a small town with a variety of shops and facilities including two supermarkets, home goods store, gift shops, vets, cafes and restaurants.

The scenery throughout the islands is beautiful with a variety of wildlife including several species of birds of prey, dolphins and of course, penguins. There are many self-catering facilities available both within driving distance and on many of the smaller outlying islands, each offering a unique experience for a few days away.

Mount Pleasant School is a primary school open to entitled children (Service Members and MoD Civil Servants) aged 2- 11, all children admitted prior to the term after their third birthday are fee payers.  Entitled Fee Payers and Non-Entitled Fee Payers may apply in line with the admission requirements in JSP 342. The school is currently located in the far end of the Mount Pleasant Complex but a new build school is under development which will be located alongside the main housing area.

The school follows the National Curriculum for England (2014) and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for all children. The school is administered and controlled by UK Ministry of Defence, and maintains a higher than average academic performance. British teachers at the school are UK trained and employed as “UK-Based Civilians” within the UK Ministry of Defence. Teachers are recruited from both MOD schools in other Commands and from civilian UK schools.

A team of Her Majesty’s Inspectors visits regularly. Our most recent school inspection (2014) was graded Good and the report can be located on the Ofsted web site. In addition, we have an inspection and audit visit from MOD each year when a review of standards and achievements, teaching and learning, behaviour and staffing levels and performance is undertaken.

The children are organised into mixed age groups throughout the school, with pupil teacher ratios that allow for the special circumstances of extremely high mobility of both staff and children. Children who are 11 years old, and have completed Year 6, may wish to use Continuity of Education Allowance, to continue their education in UK




MKC Heroes welcome our first international members, what a great occasion.

News and articles will be posted soon on what they have been up to.

A day after joining the children were recording on BFBS about planting poppy crosses and joining MKC Heroes.

Here are some words from the head and pictures of the poppy planting.

We would love to join HMS Heroes.  Since I was contacted by Hazel Thomson a few weeks ago I have been finding out all about it. I think it would be wonderful for our children to know that there is such a thing for them and the links with other schools have already proved to be very worthwhile.

We have had an incredible few days laying the remebrance crosses sent by the children from various schools in the UK. They have been set at various locations. We took the KS2 children to Fitzroy yesterday to lay crosses at the memorials for Sir Gallahad and Sir Tristram. It was a very poignant and moving event, both in terms of the remembrance and the link between the children from service families here and in the UK.

Our children are writing back to the children in the UK to show them what they did and where there crosses are. We would love to do this again next year? I will be in touch with Hazel to arrange it.

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Remembrance 2018


Remembrance and the Tommy Statue


I am sure you will have seen our Tommy Statue in our sensory and reflection garden. Today we have been focusing on remembrance and reflecting on the reason for the presence of the statue.

On Friday 9th November at 14:30, we will be holding a school remembrance service and would like to invite you to attend. The focus of the service will be to remember the end of WWI in 1918, 100 years ago.



Pupils from Mount Pleasant Primary School, Falkland Islands marking Remembrance by planting their poppy crosses.