Oakwood Primary

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At Beechwood and Oakwood we welcome all service families to our monthly Heroes groups where we have fun and games together and support each other. These groups give children and parents an opportunity to meet others who share their way of life.

 Our children say “It’s nice to know other children feel like we do and we are not the only ones”.

Who to speak to:

Jenny Oliver at Beechwood: j.oliver@southernway.co.uk 07729435376/706360

Information board can be found in school dining hall.

Ros Wilcockson at Oakwood:r.wilcockson@discoverymat.co.uk


Information board is outside the staff room.

City Heroes Group:

Two service children from each school represent us at the city HMS Heroes group. These representatives go to monthly meetings, taking our ideas and suggestions and helping to make plans to support service children in Plymouth.

Activities we have enjoyed in our family groups:

pic 1

pic 2





Jubilee party

 pic 3

Remembrance Day Competition 2013:

pic 4

Colours of life

Community arts project

A group of service mums came together to create spectacular banners which were displayed at Mount Edgcumbe in the summer holidays. They estimated that 10,000 people would see this amazing project. We were invited to the opening ceremony to celebrate service families in our community.

B1  B2

B3  B4

Competition Time!

HMS Heroes Poppy Garden Design

Pic 2

There is a national competition to create a Poppy Garden.

We need to be planning and designing this ready for the poppy seeds which we will be given in the Spring. There is a £250 prize for the best garden so get your thinking caps on!!!!

We have created our poppy gardens to make a special place where we can remember all the brave Service men and women who have given their lives for us.

These are our poppy garden stories :-


We  designed & built our garden with family & friends.


DSC01617 DSC01622 DSC01625 DSC01630 DSC01634 DSC01646 DSC01654 DSC01640 DSC01654

Then we sowed our Flanders poppy seeds. Every Hero scattered some seeds:-


DSC01825DSC01859 DSC01867

We also designed and made a mosaic wall showing Smeaton’s Tower. These photos show our journey making it:

DSC02107 DSC02065 DSC02062 DSC02059 DSC02060 DSC02056 DSC02109 DSC02116 DSC02115 DSC02114 DSC02077 DSC02075 DSC02073 DSC02072 DSC02070 DSC01983 DSC01982 DSC01981 DSC02117 DSC01980

Here are some of our Heroes showing off our poppy garden:

DSC01989 DSC01867 DSC02142 DSC02125 DSC02134 DSC02127



We made our poppy garden in a boat. Lucy’s Dad made a lovely wooden cross which said”100 years, Lest We Forget”.


We got lovely and muddy digging, painting and weeding:


The poppies bloomed beautifully but in  summer holidays when we were not at school!


When we came back all the weeds had taken over!

P1020825 P1020824 P1020822 P1020821 P1020827 P1020815 P1020811

So we cleared the boat again and now we’re planting daffodils for the Spring.



At December’s City Meeting we were delighted to find out that we had won 1st & 2nd prize in the national competition.

we when to the presentation at china fleet to receive our awards

we spent our prize money on a Christmas  family party