Ruislip Gardens Primary School


At Ruislip Gardens School, our aim is to meet the needs and raise the standards of all our learners through the provision of high quality teaching and learning in an enjoyable, safe and stimulating environment.   We aim to provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced and one that provides a wide variety of experiences and challenges for all our pupils.


We promote an inclusive ethos in which all pupils are valued and all pupils can develop the necessary skills and attitudes to take their place as lifelong learners in the wider community.

Our Values

We believe that Ruislip Gardens School has something different and special to offer the children who come to us.  We have a reputation for providing children with exceptional care and attention, for encouraging all round achievement and for academic excellence.Ruislip Gardens School children are known for their courtesy, independence and happiness. At Ruislip Gardens School we believe that giving children the very best education is built upon three principles: establishing lasting values, creating a harmonious environment and inspiring the pursuit of excellence.Pupils

  • To create a safe, caring, culturally diverse environment.
  • To allow our children to feel confident in their learning and to fulfil their potential through guidance, encouragement and challenge.
  • To recognise that all children are different and to guide and support them as individuals.
  • To allow children the option of pursuing other interests by participating in extra-curricular activities.
  • To nurture social, moral, intellectual and spiritual values to promote a feeling of self worth, respect for each other and to prepare children for later life.

Our dedicated staff team work in partnership to provide the best possible standard of education for every child.  Our teachers are passionate about education.   We have high levels of expertise and experience in our teachers but we are constantly renewing the way we teach through strong personal and professional development and effective communication.  Our teachers are supported by a qualified and experienced group of teaching assistants.

Parents and the Community
At Ruislip Gardens School we provide a safe, supportive and challenging environment for the children.  We encourage parents to work cooperatively with the school to support the education of our children.  We keep our parents as informed as possible about all aspects of school life.

We strive to ensure the school is valued and held in high esteem by the community it serves.  We make every effort to ensure links with our community are developed and extended and that the children are encouraged to be aware that they represent our school, even after they leave the premises.


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