St Stephens (Saltash) C P School


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We hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about life at our school.

St Stephens is a Community Primary school which represents its local area well.  We are passionate about providing an engaging and creative education which strives for excellence. We believe our motto encapsulates what we believe, ‘Excellence is in Everyone.’ As a school we recognise every child has a talent and that we are all different. We view every child as an individual who deserves the best possible education so they can achieve excellence.

We are always trying to improve what we offer your children and welcome parents views and ideas as education is best when it is part of an effective partnership between parents and school staff.

The school ensures pupils are very active and the beautiful grounds allow education outside to be a feature of how we deliver the curriculum. We celebrate our heritage whilst also using technology widely to prepare children to succeed in an ever changing technological world. We use a thematic approach which allows us to ensure that pupils reach ever higher academic standards. All classes have termly themes that allow pupils to immerse themselves in deep learning experiences, which meet many different curriculum objectives at the same time. This allows us time so that the creative areas are not squeezed out of our timetable but are fundamental to how we ensure enthusiasm and engagement from every pupil.

We believe there really is no better place to send your child to primary school and we hope that the website ( ) gives you a flavour of what we are about. There is nothing better than seeing the real thing first hand, so if you want to come and look around, please contact us at the school.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Heather Landers


Together as one