Torbridge Primary


Tor Bridge Primary School

Welcome to Tor Bridge Primary school and thank you for visiting us through our MKC Heroes website.
Our mission statement as one of four schools in the Tor Bridge Partnership:
Stronger together; creating better futures.
At Tor Bridge Primary School we believe that:
The past cannot be changed.
The future can be painted any way you choose.

Tor Bridge Primary School joined MKC Heroes in March 2015.

We have 28 pupils in our group from Reception to Year 6. The group has Dads and brothers and extended family members serving in the Army, Marines, RAF and Navy.

The group meet regularly and enjoy taking part in activities, trips out together and sharing their stories.  They are more than excited to be part of this family. They are planning whole school information sharing; letters to their serving relations to request contact with our school; celebrating and commemorating events .