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Our school mission statement:

A place to grow, where each child is special and every child matters

encapsulates the whole school ethos and permeates through all aspects of our work; from our behaviour management which ensures that all children are happy and feel safe in school; to the way in which we deliver our exciting and challenging curriculum and on into how we work in a supportive partnership with all parents and carers.

A key part of the ethos of our school is one of recognising and celebrating difference. This applies equally to children’s family and home experiences. As part of the school families with a parent in one of the armed forces are recognised as having particular, distinct needs but also aspects that can be celebrated with everyone else in school. Two of our school aims which are particularly pertinent to our work with Forces families.

•             To support our children, families and the community of Torpoint

•             That everything we do supports the philosophy that we are a place for the whole school community to grow spiritually, intellectually, creatively, physically and emotionally as reflected in our school logo

When Ofsted visited the school in April  2015 they were highly complementary of the breadth and success of our work with the ‘Forces Children’ and it was one of the key findings of our Outstanding Ofsted report  ‘The school works very successfully with pupils from Forces families to ensure that they and their families are well supported’ The main body of the report said. ‘The school works very hard and is successful in its drive to ensure that all groups of pupils have equality of opportunity and that there is no discrimination. For example, parents who spoke to inspectors are very impressed with the support that the school gives to the pupils and families of those in the Forces. The school readily makes allowances on days when parents leave to go away from home or arrive back from working away from home for long periods of time. The school organises opportunities for Forces families to meet and talk, and gives Forces families new to the area guidance and support. The school also promotes the role of the Forces in pupils’ lives through regular Forces assemblies and a weekly club held for pupils from Forces families to spend time together.’

You can find out more about what we do by visiting the Armed Forces Families Pages of our school website


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